Locally owned and operated by a Registered Nurse and Exercise Physiologist, Onyx Fitness is based upon exercise being a cornerstone of overall health and well being.  We strive to create an ideal environment to pursue your very best self.  We have removed the barriers to working out by offering 24-7 access so you can workout on your terms.  Come take a look for yourself and be the change you've been seeking.  We are here to help you along that path.

Why Choose Onyx Fitness 24/7 


ONYX Fitness 24-7 is locally owned and operated by experienced and passionate certified fitness professionals.  Come see the difference! 


ONYX Fitness 24-7

4061 Soquel Drive

Soquel, CA 95073

Conveniently located at the East end of 41st Avenue in The Soquel Towers Plaza behind Surf City Sandwich and The UPS Store.  We offer easy access with plenty of convenient parking.. 


Our staff of Fitness Professionals are highly educated, experienced and talented  to guide you on your path to fitness and weight loss results. 


Regardless of your goal, experience or ability - we can help you safely pursue the best version of yourself.  Simply put, your goal becomes ours. 


Our passion for changing lives is unparalleled. From Rehab to Weight Loss to Bodybuilding to Toning Your Glutes and Core. Our Personal Trainers will help you building strength, stability, and endurance with a focus rooted in improving movement patterns. 


 Let your fitness or weight loss goals become ours and we will commit to change the way your body moves, feels and looks - Come make the change you've been seeking.


Enjoy your workouts in our 3-story luxury full commercial gym that is reimagined from the floor up.  With a unique vibe, ONYX facility includes the Matrix G7 Circuit, Matrix Aura Functional Trainer, Matrix Touch Screen Cardio Theater with Virtual Active Workouts, Jacobs-Ladder, Full Matrix Strength, Functional Training and more...


Run, Row, Ride, Climb and more - Our high performance touch screen cardio equipment gets the heart pumping with a wide range of natural movements that provide comfortable, satisfying workouts.

Matrix is the fitness industry’s fastest-growing manufacturer of commercial equipment, the fitness world knows that Matrix provides award-winning functionality, unmatched performance and lasting durability. For those who demand the world’s finest exercise experience in the fitness industry, we applied the principles that made our commercial brand great. Discover the exclusive technologies and advanced programs that make fitness equipment from Matrix unlike anything on the market. 


  • Jacobs-Ladder is the hardest cardio workout on the market and we have the only one in Santa Cruz!

  • Matrix T7xe Touch Screen Ultimate Deck Treadmills with Virtual Active Workouts

  • Matrix C7xe Touch Sreen ClimbMill

  • Matrix A5x Ascent Trainer

  • Matrix H7xe Touch Screen Hybrid Cycle

  • Matrix H7xe Magnetic Rowing Machine - Best rower on the market!

  • Matrix Magnetic IC-7 Spin Bike


ONYX Fitness 24-7 is the ONLY gym in Santa Cruz County with the Matrix G7 Selectorized Circuit. Our amazing selection of 17 single-station machines are nothing short of ideal for members ready to focus on refining specific muscle groups. Matrix G7 circuit makes it easy for members to quickly select their weight and exercise safely in a self-contained unit. Our ONYX Exercise Physiologist has arranged the G7 Circuit for optimal comfort with results in mind - The Law of Action-Reaction: "For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction." The circuit is arranged with each opposing muscle group so the user can safely achieve a full body workout taking away all the guess work! 

  • Converging arm movement provides a natural path of motion

  • Adjustable start position facilitates increased range of motion

  • Action Specific Grips provide greater comfort and minimal point pressure

  • Designed for easy entry and exit


Operation is intuitive, and our high-performance designs ensure that our members are getting the most out of every set, every rep and every moment they spend pursuing their fitness goals.


ONYX Fitness 24-7 Free Weight Room is Edgy and Eccentric - fully equipped with Matrix full commercial strength equipment that is always open for you to get that muscle pump all day everyday bro. Train at your best on our High Performance Custom Made White/Silver Fleck Flooring. Squat, Push, Pull, Curl, Press and Burn those glutes, quads and chest on our Matrix Magnum Smith Rack, 5-100 lb. Pro-Dumbells-With-Contured-Grips, Benches, Standing Preacher Curl and Olympic Bars.


Train for Movement, Sport and Life in our Functional Training Areas located throughout the facility with the user in mind. TRX, Troy VTX KettleBells, Slam Balls, Bosu, Stability Balls, Battle-Ropes, Bands, etc. will take your game to the next level! 


You are only as strong as your weakest link. Train the entire kinetic chain and do not forget muscular flexibility for optimal results in fitness and life. Our Core Area provides thick comfortable mats, a variety of foam rollers for myofascial release, BOSU, Stability Balls and more...


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4061 Soquel Dr. Soquel, CA 95073


Office: 831-471-8427



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